Zoltan Barkasi

Zoltan Barkasi

(small mammals of Carpathians)

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Participation in the Theriological Schools

Took part in the three workshops of Ukrainian Theriological Society, since 2014: 21st (Otrokhy, Mizhrychynsky Landscape Park, 2014), 22nd (Bakota, Podilsky Tovtry National Park, 2015) and 23th (Slobozhansky National Park, 2016) Theriological schools-seminars.

Scientific interest

Biodiversity, distribution, taxonomy, morphological and craniometrical variability of rodents in the eastern Carpathian region; nature history museology.


In 2010 finished the full high school course in the Lyceum of Humanities and Natural Sciences of Velyki Berehy (Beregovo district, Transcarpathia; one of the leading educational establishments in the region with Hungarian language of teaching).
In 2014 BSc diploma with honor in Biology, Uzhhorod National University. Thesis theme: The Mouse-like Rodents of the Berehovo district of Transcarpathia, scientific supervisor: Korchynskyi, Oleksandr PhD, Ass. Prof.
In 2015 MSc diploma with honor in Biology, Uzhhorod National University. Thesis theme: The Mouse-like Rodents of the Berehovo district and their parasite fauna, scientific supervisor: Kovalchuk, Andryi DSc, Prof.

Qualification work

From 2015 doctoral student in the National Museum of Natural History of NAS of Ukraine. Thesis theme: Rodents of the Superfamily Muroidea in the Ukrainian Carpathians: taxonomy, distribution, morphological variability and composition of communities. Scientific supervisor: Zagorodniuk, Igor PhD, Ass. Prof., SR

Work and skills

Editor of English language materials at scientific journals published by the NAS of Ukraine, such as the Proceedings of the National Museum of Natural History and Proceedings of the Theriological School.
Fluent in Ukrainian, Hungarian and Russian.


author of 7 scientific publications:

  • Barkasi, Z. Murid rodents (Muriformes, Muridae) from Transcarpathia in the collections of Kyiv Zoological Museums // Proceedings of the Zoological Museum (Kyiv). 2014. N 45. P. 7987.
  • Barkasi, Z. Rodents of the family Muridae from Transcarpathia in the collection of the National Museum of Natural History of NAS of Ukraine // Natural History Museums: The Role in Education and Science (Proceedings of the IV International Scientific Conference) / National Museum of Natural History, NAS of Ukraine. Kyiv, 2015. Pt 2. P. 102103.
  • . . (Muriformes, seu Rodentia s. str.) // - 2015 (. , 㳿 , 18-19.11.2015 .). , 2015. . 6. ( , 9.) http://mail.izan.kiev.ua/rmd/KMDZ-15_abstr.pdf
  • Barkasi, Z. Muroid Rodents of the Lowland Part of Transcarpathia: State of Populations and Morphophysiology // Proceedings of the Theriological School. 2015. Vol. 13. P. 310. >>> (pdf 0,30 mb)
  • Barkasi Z. L., Zagorodniuk I. V. Spatial distribution of the micromammal fauna in the Ukrainian Carpathians // Regional Aspects of Floristic and Faunistic Research : Proceedings of the Third International Scientific and Practical Conference / Ed. by Dr. . V. Skilsky, A. V. Yuzyk. Chernivtsi : Druk Art, 2016. P. 511. ISBN 978-617-7172-44-3. >>> (pdf 0,47 mb)
  • Barkasi Z., Zagorodniuk I. The taxonomy of rodents of the Eastern Carpathians // Proceedings of the State Nat. Hist. Museum. Lviv, 2016. Vol. 32. P. 137154. >>> (pdf 1,22 mb)
  • Barkasi, Z. New Information on the European Beavers Castor fiber (Muriformes, Castoridae) Expansion in Transcarpathia // Vestnik Zoologii. 2016. (in press).


Address: Bohdan Khmelnytsky St. 15, Kyiv, 01601 Ukraine
E-mail: zlbarkasi@ukr.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/barkaszizoli
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