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download pdfGolenko, A. 2010. The work of the Centre for bat rehabilitation in Kyiv Zoo in 19992010. Proceedings of the Theriological School, 10: 175178. [In Ukrainian]



The work of the Centre for bat rehabilitation in Kyiv Zoo in 19992010


Anna Golenko


Ivan Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology, NAS of Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine)


Proceedings of the Theriological School. 2010. Vol. 10: 175178.





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During 19992009, the Center for bat rehabilitation worked on the basis of Kyiv Zoo. The centre conducted the physical rehabilitation of injured bats and study of species of the local fauna. In addition, the Center introduced educational programs. This article provides a brief overview of the Centers activities and presents the situation in which the organization has appeared recently.


Centre for Bat Rehabilitation, synanthropic species, fauna conservation, Kyiv Zoo.



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