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Proceedings of the Theriological School. 2016. Vol. 14 (Mammal Ecology and Geography)
. 2016. 14 ( )

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Proceedings of the Theriological School. 2016. Vol. 14: 1633.

. 2016. 14: 1633.


The Ground Hare in Eastern Europe: Ochotona or Allactaga?

: Ochotona Allactaga?

Zagorodniuk, I. , .

Paper language: Ukrainian





The analysis of vernacular names, chronicles and zoological data is carried out. It is shown that the use of nomen ground hare is associated with two independent objects. The first one is Ochotona pusilla, described as Lepus pusillus with vernacular names chekalka (because of its voice) and zemlianyj zaitchik (= ground leveret, because of its lifestyle). The second one is Allactaga major, described as Dipus jaculus with vernacular names ground hare and tushkanchik (= jerboa). In case of Ochotona, the name hare is associated with their similarity to lagomorphs, while in case of Allactaga it is linked with the behavior (jumper). Summarization of data confirms the wide distribution of Ochotona in the region in the past, so the name ground hare may be associated exactly with this species. Currently there is a similar reduction in the western segment of the range of Allactaga. It is assumed that in periods of dispersal of Ochotona, the species could acquire economic value (particularly as a possible game species or a possible carrier of plague) and because of that received its own names, among which, obviously, chekalka is the oldest one.

, . , ᒺ. , Ochotona pusilla, Lepus pusillus ( ) ( ). , Allactaga major, Dipus jaculus . Ochotona , Allactaga  (). Ochotona , . Allactaga. , ( ᒺ ), , , , .

Key words:
Ochotona, Allactaga, ground hare, rodents, Eastern Europe, fauna dynamics.

Ochotona, Allactaga, , , , .




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