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Scientific interests:
fauna, ecology and ethology of bats (Chiroptera), the forest (dendrophilous) bats predominantly;
questions of rare bat species protection in situ and ex situ;
the fauna of Podillya (Ukraine), especially batfauna, nature-protected areas of Podillya;
vertebrates fauna researches at the nature-protected areas, summer and winter records of bats, ultrasound recording;
fauna, population and ecology of the forest vertebrates, forests biodiversity, forest ecology, ecophytocenological peculiarities of mammals and birds forest habitats;
bat biology, applied researches of bat keeping in captivity, their rehabilitation, exposition and reintroduction;
vertebrates at the urbolandscape;
social, food and reproductive behavior of the mammals and birds.

Educational background: graduated from Kiev Taras Shevchenko University in 1997, Department of Biology, speciality "Zoology"- biologist-zoologist of vertebrate, biology teacher. Now candidate for Ph.D. by theme "Dendrophilous bats species ecology of the Podillya (Ukraine) and their value for the forests". .

Work: 1. Lecturer of Forestry Department, Institute of Forestry and Landscape Architecture National Agricultural University, Kyiv. 2. Education-research officer, Research-educational Department, Kyiv Zoo.

Public work: research coordinator of the Center of Bat Rehabilitation at the Kyiv Zoo; expert-registrar of "Bern' Bats" expert commission at the Department of Environment and Natural Resources of Ukraine; member of Ukrainian Centre for Bat Protection, Ukrainian Theriological Society, Ukrainian Society of Bird Protection; scientific adviser of student zoological-conservancy circle.

Forestry Department,
Educational-Scientific Institute of Forestry and Landscape Architecture,
National Agricultural University,
Generala Rodimtseva Str. 19, Kyiv, 03041, Ukraine
Tel.: +(38044) 267-82-82
E-mail: kazhan@gomail.com.ua

14 September, 2003.

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