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download pdfOcheretna, K., N. Lebedieva, M. Polzyk. 2019. Wild Mammals in Transformed Landscapes: report on the 26th Theriological School (Khortytsia, 2019). Theriologia Ukrainica, 18: 151158.



Wild mammals in transformed landscapes: report on the 26th Theriological School (Khortytsia, 2019)


Kateryna Ocheretna, Nataliia Lebedieva, Mariia Polzyk


National Museum of Natural History, NAS of Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine)


Theriologia Ukrainica. 2019. Vol. 18: 151158.




Ukrainian, with English summary, titles of tables, captures to figs


VI Theriological School "Wild Mammals in Transformed Landscapes " held on June 17-21, 2019. The National Museum of Natural History of the NAS of Ukraine, Department of Forest Biology, Hunting and Ichthyology of Zaporizhzhia National University and National Reserve "Khortytsya" were organized the School. More than 37 zoologists and 23 institutions from four countries: Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and France were the participants of the conference. This School-seminar consisted of several thematic blocks: staging session, thematic reports and discussions on the main topic, current researches and approbation of the qualification work' results, workshops and field studies, event "Night of Bats" and photo contest "Pig and her family in the lens". The program of the School has been fully implemented. Workshops on collecting and analysis of pellets contain and on methods in vivo studies of bats revealed the new species in the mammals' list of island Khortytsya, in particular Mus spicilegus, Sylvaemus tauricus and Pipistrellus nathusii, and also confirmed the presence of the number of other species of shrews, bats and rodents. The Dniester Canyon National Nature Park chosen as the venue of the next TherioSchool in autumn 2020. Also, the leadership of the Theriological Society decided to hold an inter-school seminar "Mammals in the pellets of prey birds" in autumn or winter of current (2019) year in Kamianets-Podilskyi.


theriology, mammals, environmental changes, scientific societies, Theriological School.



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