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download pdfHordovskyi, A. 2021. The philosophy of evolution. Novitates Theriologicae, 12: 24-28.



The philosophy of evolution


Aleksandr Hordovskyi (Kyiv Assotiation of Free Philosophers)
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An attempt to combine the science of biology with philosophy in the understanding of the evolution in general and the species concept and its variability in particular is presented. The aim of the article is to return to the origins of natural philosophy. The article uses a hermeneutic approach to the study of sacred science as the only undistorted source of all knowledge on the planet. The article is dedicated to all non-stereotypically thinking scientists who have devoted themselves to the search for the truth.


Russian, with English summary



High hermeticity (hermetic vault). Translation from fr. Online library [Orig .: A.-J. Festugiere, A. D. Nock. 1945-1954. Corpus Hermeticum. Les
Belles Lettres, Paris (in 4 volumes)].
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