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download pdfZagorodniuk, I. 2021. Emergent features of species: existence between populations and communities. Novitates Theriologicae, 12: 4859.



Emergent features of species: existence between populations and communities


Igor Zagorodniuk (National Museum of Natural History, NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv)


The key block of tasks in defining species as a phenomenon, as a concept, and as a category its emergent features, is considered. These include 5 systems of features, such as 1) diagnosis (primarily morphological, including unique apomorphies); 2) genotype in the broadest sense (including karyotype); 3) system of reproduction and protection of the gene pool from mixing with foreign forms (reproductive isolation); 4) geographical range (including type habitats and distribution limits); 5) system of variability (including the presence and features of age-related changes, sexual differences, and trends in geographical variation). There is evidence that species as a reality is characterized by the properties of "repeating structures". To the latter the author includes the following six: 1) limited volumes of species composition of communities; 2) limited body-size rows of guilds; 3) parallelisms and the phenomenon of isomorphism; 4) limited number of ecotypes and the phenomenon of vicariates; 5) homeomorphies and restrictions of morphological types; 6) synperates as overlaps of range boundaries. Areas of non-alternative application of the concept of "species", including red lists, checklists, descriptions of unique parts of communities (endemics, rarities, etc.), and objects of economic value are given.


Ukrainian, with English summary



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