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download pdfMelnyk, V. 2021. On the species independence of Carlina cirsioides Klokov (Asteraceae). Novitates Theriologicae, 12: 203212.



On the species independence of Carlina cirsioides Klokov (Asteraceae)


Viktor Melnyk (M. M. Grishko National Botanical Garden, NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv)


The systematic position and modern state of populations of the rare species of Ukrainian flora Carlina cirsioides Klokov (Asteraceae) are considered. Since this species is included into the Red Data Book of Ukraine (2009) and the European List of Globally Threatened Animals and Plants (1991), it is well-known for European botanists as an endemic of the Ukrainian flora. However, neither the authors of Flora Europaea (1976), nor monographers of the genus Carlina recognize Carlina cirsioides as a separate species. Comparative morphological, chorological, and coenotic analyzes does not allow Carlina cirsioides to be considered as a separate species, endemic and relic of the Ukrainian flora. According to morphological features, specimens from the plains of Ukraine are referred to the subspecies Carlina acaulis caulescens, which is distributed mainly in plain regions of Europe. Ecological and coenotic conditions of habitats of Carlina acaulis in the lowland part of Ukraine are different from its habitats in the Carpathians and Alps and are close to xerotherme grass communities with Carlina acaulis of plains of Central Europe. Steppe communities of Festuco-Brometea class with Carlina acaulis in the Volhynian-Podolian Upland are similar to xerotherme communities with Carlina acaulis of Central Europe. Erico-Pinetea class communities are common habitats for Carlina acaulis in the Ukrainian Polissia and north-eastern Poland. Lowering the species status of Carlina cirsioides from separate species to subspecies Carlina acaulis caulescens does not diminish its phytosozological value. Due to the low number of Carlina acaulis populations in the Volhynian-Podolian Upland and Polissia, all localities of this species in the lowland part of Ukraine need to be provided by protection.


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