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download pdfStelmach, S. M. A techniques for quantitative census of the pine marten (Martes martes L.) by the route method in large forested areas. Theriologia Ukrainica. 2019. Vol. 17: 115-122.



A techniques for quantitative census of the pine marten (Martes martes L.) by the route method in large forested areas


Stelmach, S. M.


Yavorivsky National Park (Ivano-Frankove, Ukraine)


Theriologia Ukrainica. 2019. Vol. 17: 115-122.




Ukrainian, with English extended summary, titles of tables, captures to figs, and references


The article highlights the main organizational and methodological approaches to accounting for Pine Marten on large areas of forestry hunting grounds of Ukraine. It is expedient to use this method of recording Pine Marten in the regions rich in forests. It consists of 3 stages: 1) the allocation of areas of forest areas and the laying of route schemes on maps; 2) conducting direct accounting counting the intersections of tracks on routes and tracking the daily movements of martens; 3) processing of field materials using the updated formula Formozova. The given method makes it possible to determine the population density of the Pine Marten of the within the administrative regions of Ukraine, and can be used by officials (hunters) and scientists (zoologists) as the main method of monitoring the state of resources of the martens which are used.


pine marten, number, method of accounting, forest arrays.



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