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Theriologia Ukrainica 17 (2019)

volume under preparation

 Resume. Volume 17 is the first in the practice of our editions with the release of the series "twice a year" (biannual). The volume and all articles in it will get DOI, each article has home page, all articles have English extended summary, table names, captures to figures and bibliography. Estimated size of issue is 18 articles on 168 pages. Preparation of the volume is scheduled for mid-2019, until the start of the 26th Annual Theriological School-Seminar.


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Theriologia Ukrainica. Kyiv, 2019. Vol. 17. 168 pages
p-ISSN 2616-7379 e-ISSN 2617-1120





Fauna and Systematics  
Brusentsova, N. Badger (Meles sp.) in museum collections of Ukraine: analysis of etiquette information using GIS
6 pages
Zagorodniuk, I. Close non-murid rodent species in the Ukrainian fauna: differences, biogeography, ecomorphology
16 pages


Mammals in Protected Areas  
Barkaszi, Z., Koval, N. Small mammals of Uzhanskyi National Park (Ukrainian Carpathians) and its vicinities: a preliminary analysis
8 pages
Markovska, O. The current state of the microteriofauna of the main types of ecosystems in the Donetsk biostation, Ukraine
8 pages
Stetsula, N. Adventive theriofauna of the National Park of Skole Beskydy (Carpathian): spatial and temporal survey of species
5 pages
Tokarsky V. A., Grubnik, V. V., Tokarska, N. V. The current state of Marmot (Marmota bobak) population in the Striltsivsky Steppe
10 pages

Morphology and Variation


Rekovets, L. I., Kovalchuk, O. M., Demeshkant, V. D., Shevchenko, L. S. Enamel ultrastructure of lower molars of the Eurasian red squirrel Sciurus vulgaris (Rodentia, Mammalia) from different populations in Ukraine
9 pages

Ecology and Protection


Warchalowski, M., Pietraszko, M. The emergence time, flight routes used by the lesser horseshoe bats of Radziechowy colony (Poland)
9 pages
Merzlikin, I. Ethological notes about the relationships of the beavers with some species of mammals and birds
12 pages
Nykonenko, A. Vegetation as a factor of the European roe deer apreolus apreolus bed-sites protection in Dnipro-Oril Nature Reserve during autumn
8 pages
Distribution and Abundance  
Vikirchak, A., Bachinsky, A. Experience and results of acclimatization of the European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) in Ternopil region in 19761980
4 pages
Datsiuk, V. The Steppe Marmot (Marmota bobak) in the North of Odessa Oblast
5 pages
Stelmach, S. M. rganization, carrying out and processing of materials of quantitative accounting of the pine marten (Martes martes L.) by the route method on large areas of forest lands
8 pages
Tytar, V., Asykulov, T., Hammer, M. Understanding the distribution of Siberian ibex (Capra sibirica), a prey species of the snow leopard (Panthera uncia) in the Central Kyrgyz Ala-Too region
8 pages

History of Research


Barkaszi, Z., Gaydash, O. Zoological collections: amassment, inventory and identification of specimens (report on the XXIV Theriological School)
6 pages
Zagorodniuk, I. Investigation of diversity as a key task of ecology (on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Professor Igor Emelianov)
10 pages
Chronicles and Information  
Tovpinets, N. About monograph by Aliaksandr Savarin Craniological Atlas of Belarusian Mammals. Insectivores
3 pages
Zagorodniuk, I. Coins of Ukraine with mammalian images
11 pages


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