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Proceedings of the Theriological School. Volume 16 (2017)

Research on Bats

 Resume. This volume is the last one in the series of our journal published as "Proceedings of the Theriological School". The following volumes will be published under a new title Theriologia Ukrainica (East-European Journal of Mammalogy). Thematic volumes will not be published anymore under the new title of the journal. The specifics of Volume 16 is the significant number of articles on bats, which is due to the recent celebration in Europe of the 25th anniversary of EUROBATs, the Agreement on protection of bat populations in Europe.(4.12.1991). The volume consists of 26 articles on 180 pages. It was recommended for publishing by the Academic Board of the National Museum of Natural History, NAS of Ukraine on 28 December 2017. The volume will be printed in April 2018.


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Proceedings of the Theriological School. Kyiv, 2017. Vol. 16. 180 p. ISSN 23122749
, 2017. 16. 180 . ISSN 23122749


12 pdf


Zagorodniuk, I. Bats of Ukraine and their investigators: 20 years of activity and milestones
37 pdf


Fauna and Systematics  
Vikyrchak, O. Results of censuses of troglophyle bat species in the Middle Dnister Area (Ukraine) in 19842000
815 pdf
Godlevska, L., Rebrov, S. Bats of left bank regions of the Northern part of Ukraine
1642 pdf
Zagorodniuk, I. Close species of bats in Ukrai-nian fauna: characteristics of taxa and their position in communities structure
4364 pdf
Shydlovskyy, I., Zatushevskyy, A., Kusnezh, A. Bats (Chiroptera) in the collection of the Zoological Museum of Lviv University, Ukraine
6470 pdf

Mammals in Protected Areas


Kapeliukh, Ya. The results of bat investigations in Medobory Nature Reserve
7174 pdf
Koval, N., Bashta, A. T. The bat fauna (Chiropter) of the Uzhanskyi National Park
7580 pdf
Chaika, Y., Kusnezh, O. Species diversity of bats in the Skole Beskids National Nature Park
8186 pdf
Mammals in Anthropogenic Environment  
Zagorodniuk, I. A game against natural selection: cases of hibernation of migrant bat species in their summering range in Eastern Ukraine
8794 pdf
Panchenko, P., Godlevska, L. Data on bat fauna of the Northern Black Sea Region based on results of the work of contact centres
95101 pdf
Parkhomenko, V. Bats of the South of Sumy region: materials to fauna
102116 pdf
Selyunina, Z. The death of bats due to anthropogenic factors in the region of the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve
117121 pdf

Fauna Changes and Monitoring


Drebet, M. Bat fauna monitoring in urban landscapes of Central Podillia based on results of the work of Kamianets-Podilskyi contact centre
122125 pdf
Manyuk, V., Lahuta, . The long-eared bat Plecotus austriacus in the valley of the Kilchen river (left bank of the Dnipro), a new stage of expansion to the East
126128 pdf
Skubak, E. Analysis of bat roadkills in Sviati Hory National Nature Park based on data of a 10 years long research
129132 pdf
Shpak, A. Hibernating bat species of Belarus: results of the work of the Minsk contact centre
133139 pdf

Records of Rare Species


Bashta, A.-T., Ivashkiv, I., Krokhmal, A. New records of Myotis alcathoe in Ukraine
140142 pdf
Dombrovski, V. C. Maternity colonies of Myotis brandtii in the Polesie State Radiation-Ecological Reserve
143146 pdf
, ., , . ͳ (Myotis bechsteinii)
147149 pdf
Merzlikin, I. The first winter record of Nyctalus noctula in northeastern Ukraine
150151 pdf
Rebrov, S. The pond bat, Myotis dasycneme, in the fauna of Luhansk region
152153 pdf
Franchuk, M. The first record of Pipistrellus kuhlii in Rivne region
154155 pdf

History of Research


Domashlinets, V. The role of international treaties in conservation of Chiroptera
156161 pdf
Zagorodniuk, I. Vadym Nehoda (19792016), an investigator of bats and a guard of the nature
162171 pdf
Chronicles and Information  
Drebet, M., Zagorodniuk, I., Matveev, M. Report on the Xղ Theriological School Capturing animals in protected areas
172174 pdf
Brusentsova, N. Alien and keystone mammal species in ecosystems: report on the XղII Theriological School-Workshop
175177 pdf


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