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Proceedings of the Theriological School. Volume 12

Diversity of Mammals

 Summary. The volume is devoted to investigation of mammal species diversity and analysis of fauna composition, research on mammal fauna monitoring and status of highly rare mammal species. A special section includes articles on history of mammalogical research, as well as chronicles of theriology, including the report on the 19th Theriological School held in the Back Sea Biosphere Reserve. In total, the volume presents 19 publications grouped into 7 sections: Fauna Research (4), Monitoring of Mammals (3), Rare Species Research (3), Mammalogy Notes (2), History of Science (2), Chronicles (2), and Information (2).


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Fauna Research  

Monitoring of Mammals



Rare Species Research


Mammalogy Notes  
Rebrov, S. Bats of the Kovsuh River Valley (Luhansk Region)
Science History  
Zagorodniuk, I. Theriological research by Leonid Hirenko
Sliusar, M. Serhiy Teslenko (19592000): Biographic Essay
Brusentsova, N. The Badger Year in Ukraine (2014)

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Summaries of articles published in Volume 12 (in Russian)




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