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Theriologia Ukrainica 20 (2020)

(volume under preparation)

 Resume. Volume 20 of Theriologia completes the second dozen of our issues and leads to a new decade. In total, it is planned to place 14-16 articles in the volume. The volume and all articles in it receive a DOI, each article has a home page, all articles have an extended summary in English, as well as translated English table titles, captions to figures and bibliography. The volume is in the process of editorial preparation, and the receipt of the SER and the presentation of full texts will be after the completion of this procedure. The photo on the cover is a photo of a squirrel, a theriological symbol of 2020, by Serhiy Grigoriev.


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Theriologia Ukrainica. Kyiv, 2020. Vol. 20. 156 pages
p-ISSN 2616-7379 e-ISSN 2617-1120





Fauna and Systematics

Bilushenko, A. A. Macrospace structure and biodiversity of European bat species communities (Chiroptera) in the forest-steppe habitat

7 pages

Zagorodniuk, I., S. Kharchuk. List of mammals of Ukraine 2020: additions and clarifications

18 pages

Markovska, O. Species composition of small mammals basic biotopes around Kolomak (Kharkiv oblast)

10 pages


Mammals in Reserved Areas

Polzyk, M. Large herbivores in limited ecosystems: assessment of water sources value by high-usage movement pathways at Byriuchyi Island spit

8 pages

Rusev, I. The golden jackal (Canis aureus L.) in National Nature Park Tuzlivski Lymany

9 pages

Kheidorova, E. E., K. V. Homel, M. E. Nikiforov, A. V. Shpak, V. Ch. Dombrovski [et al.]. Genetic diversity of the free-living population of Przewalski's horses in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

10 pages

Shtyk, O., Z. Mamchur. Muroid rodents of Dnister Canyon: characteristic of species composition and the structure of populations (on the example of natural landmark Chervone)


Distribution and Abundance



Vikirchak, A. Mound-Building Mouse (Mus spicilegus) in Western Podillya: expansion on the left bank of the Dnister

5 pages

Evstafiev, I. L. The southern birch mouse Sicista loriger (Dipodoidea) in the Crimea: distribution, habitats, seasonal activity, and abundance

12 pages

Zagorodniuk, I. Distribution and variation of mice group Sylvaemus microps & uralensis in Eastern Europe: fragmentation and clines

13 pages

Kolomytsev, G., Prydatko, V. Model of the red squirrel range dynamics (Sciurus vulgaris) in Eastern Europe
15 pages

Skubak, E. Comparison of natural and reintroduced populations of the steppe marmot (Marmota bobak) in the Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine

5 pages


Monitoring and Ecology

Vyshnevsky, D. Research of fauna by means of photo traps: Chornobyl practices

10 pages

Geryak, Yu. Detection of hidden living species of mammals by methods of lepidopterological field research

6 pages

Sheihas, I. M. Degree of dependence of the state of the hunting resource from the value category of lands

9 pages


Chronicles and Information

Zizda, Yu., I. Zagorodniuk. Year of the Squirrel 2020: an overview of issue and events

3 pages

Summary of articles (Ukrainian)
8 pages


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