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download pdfZizda, Yu., I. Zagorodniuk, S. Kharchuk. 2020. Year of the Squirrel 2020: an overview of the topic and events. Theriologia Ukrainica, 20: 150157.



Year of the Squirrel 2020: an overview of the topic and events


Yulia Zizda, Igor Zagorodniuk, Sergiy Kharchuk


Uzhhorod National University, Zoological Museum (Uzhhorod, Ukraine),
National Museum of Natural History, NAS Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine),
Ukrainian Theriological Society, NAS Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine)


Theriologia Ukrainica. 2020. Vol. 20: 150157.




Ukrainian, with English summary, titles of tables, captures to figs


An overview of information about the squirrel as one of the most notable symbol species is presented. This species is associated with a huge amount of etymological, folklore, historical, symbolic, environmental and research knowledge, initiatives, and research. That is why the squirrel has become one of the symbol species chosen by the Ukrainian Theriological Society in the cycle of annual actions "Years of Mammals". Therefore, this review is largely related to the events devoted to the Year of the Squirrel 2020 in Ukraine. Among the already traditional measures aimed at disseminating knowledge, the cycle "21 most famous facts" is presented: a collection of important information about the squirrel, its biological and behavioural characteristics, and its role in human society. Information on the use of squirrels in symbolsimages on coats of arms of different cities, mentions in folklore, the use of images in other areasis also considered. Information on the colour forms of this rodent is also given, which can be distinguished by acquaintance with squirrels common in Ukraine. Research and projects on squirrels conducted in Ukraine and neighbouring countries, including the preparation of scientific and student works, school projects and photo galleries, are noted separately. Information on the etymology and synonyms of the Ukrainian common name of the squirrel and the areas of their use are presented. The squirrel as a symbol species of 2020 in the activity of the Ukrainian Theriological Society was chosen as a symbol for the logo of the 27th Theriological School organised in Zalishchyky (the school was postponed due to the Covid pandemic). According to the established tradition, a gallery of images of the squirrel sent to the Council of the Society by Ukrainian colleagues was prepared, and the most interesting ones reflecting the plasticity of the species and the variability of its colouration are presented in this review. A photograph of the squirrel is placed on the cover of the current volume of the journal Theriologia Ukrainica (Vol. 20), and the volume itself contains two scientific articles on this species.


squirrel, Year of Squirrel, symbol species, Theriological School, natural history education.



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