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Dear authors, we invite you to publish in the thematic series of the Ukrainian Theriological Society, which functions at the National Museum of Natural History of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. An overview of previous issues can be found on the Contents page. The topic of each subsequent issue is planned and announced beforehand, so we ask you to plan the submission of your materials in advance.

Submission and publication of manuscripts is free of charge.

The nearest planned issues of the series Novitates Theriologicae include such topics as "Wild mammals in a changing environment", "Researchers of the mammal fauna of Ukraine", "Species ranges of mammals of Ukraine", "Vernacular and scientific names of mammals", "Alien mammal species within the indigenous biota", "Mammals in the diet of birds of prey."


Manuscript desing

Manuscripts submitted for publication should be formatted as follows: page size - A5 (148 x 210 mm), right, left, and upper margins - 15 mm, bottom margin - 20 mm. The manuscript's file should be in RTF format. Basic font is Times NR 10 pt, additional information (addresses, resumes, tables, figures, literature) should be given in 8 pt. Tables and figures are asked to be placed directly in the text in the desired places. Please avoid any additional markup in the text, tables, or figures (underlined, bold, etc.).

Files are asked to be named after the the first author's last name and one simple or complex keyword (for example, zhyla-wolfdiet.rtf). Files of figures should be submitted also as separate files in either jpg or png format (graphs prepared in spreadsheets — in xls format).

For convenience, authors can use a template formatted according to the above requirements >>>


Editorial Process

The Editorial Office works with the authors and manuscripts in electronically. The corresponding author is asked to send the manuscript and all additional materials (figures, graphs, tables, etc.) via email to the editorial office's address mammalia.ua.nt(#)gmail.com and is asked to participate in any further correspondence.

Submitted manuscripts undergo a preliminary (editorial) review by the Chief Editor or the Associate Editor, and it is also sent for an external blind peer-review. This process is mandatory and aimed to analyse that the submitted materials meet the topic of the series, the presented results are novel and relevant for the scientific community, and the design of the manuscript meets the prescribed criteria.


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