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Proceedings of the Theriological School
Vol. 15 (Mammal Research 2017)

 The volume deals with current research of mammals mainly of the fauna of Ukraine, but also Bielorussia and Poland. In total, there are 20 materials in this issue, grouped in 6 chapters: "Fauna and Communities" (5), "Mammal Ecology" (4), "Mammal Distribution" (4), "Zoonoses and Factors of Mortality" (4), "Mammalogy Notes"(2), "History of Research" (3). About third of articles (7) were prepared in English, all articles have extended English summary (about 1000 symbols) and duplicated in English the names of tables and figures, as well as translation in English all Cyrillic bibliographic sources. 12 articles were prepared in Ukraine and 1 in Rossian.



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Proceedings of the Theriological School. Kyiv, 2017. Vol. 15. 180 p. ISSN 23122749.
. , 2017. 15. 180 . ISSN 23122749.



12 pdf


Fauna and Communities  
Dombrovski, V., Fenchuk, V., Zhurauliou, D. Fauna of bats (Mammalia, Chiroptera) of Stary Zhaden Nature Reserve, Belarus
39 pdf
Zagorodniuk, I., Parkhomenko, V., Kharchuk, S. Ivan Verkhratsky and his review of bat biology and bat fauna of Galicia (1869)
1027 pdf
Krasovska, A. The communities of the muroid rodents (Muroidea) in the Kremenets Mountains National park
2834 pdf
Rekovets, L. . Pleistocene small mammals from the Medzhybizh locality in Ukraine
3548 pdf
Selyunina, Z. V. Overview of family Mustelidae in the region of the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve
4957 pdf

Mammal Ecology


Gashchak, S., Gulyaichenko, Y., Beresford, N. A., Wood, M. D. European bison (Bison bonasus) in the Chornobyl exclusion zone (Ukraine) and prospects for its revival
5866 pdf
Korobchenko, M. Golov trap and experience of its use in research of burrowing rodents
7579 pdf
Rozhenko, M. V. Peculiarities of the behavior of Golden Jackal (anis aureus L., 1758) in the expansion zone in the South of Ukraine
8085 pdf

Mammal Distribution


Dyatlova, O.Rozhenko, M. Records and peculiarities of distribution of European mole (Talpa europaea) in the Low Dniester area
9496 pdf
Zagorodniuk, I., Korobchenko, M., Kyrychenko, V. Mole-rats Nannospalax leucodon and Spalax zemni in Ukraine: criteria of identifications and border between their ranges
97104 pdf
Koval, N. Wild cat (Felis silvestris) in the Uzhansky National Nature Park (Eastern Carpathians)
105110 pdf

Zoonoses and Factors of Mortality


Evstafiev, I. L. Results of a 30-years-long investigation of small mammals in the Crimea. Part 3. Parasitology and epizootiology
111135 pdf
Merzlikin, I. Cases of bat deaths associated with plants
136138 pdf
Parkhomenko, V. Death of mammals on the roads of the North-Eastern Ukraine
139149 pdf
Yurchenko, O., Dubina, D., Sokolovskyi, D., Gaidash, O. Possible zoonotic viruses threats associated with bats in Southern Ukraine
150153 pdf

Mammalogy Notes


Bronskov, A. Finding of the steppe whiskered bat (Myotis aurascens Kuzyakin, 1935) in South-East of Ukraine
154155 pdf
Podobaylo, A., Mylenko, N., Shevchenko, S., Sevidov, V. Records of the fat dormouse (Glis glis) in Poltava region
156158 pdf

History of Research


Zagorodniuk, I. Vasyl Abelentsev (19131980): life in the world of science
167174 pdf
Cheremnykh, N. Collectors of mammological collections of the State museum of natural History of NAS of Ukraine in 19001930ies
175180 pdf
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